What’s behind Nick Pivetta’s struggles? His fastball

What’s behind Nick Pivetta’s struggles? His fastball

Bird’s bat went on ice after heading north, as he went 6-for-60 with one home run and three RBI before landing on the disabled list with a bone bruise in his right ankle. Austin and Bird get.

Parra’s struggles against left-handed pitching prevent. as he served as a dependable starting pitcher until this year. With his strikeout and groundball rates declining, and his fastball down to.

After a dominant Spring Training, Nick Pivetta entered 2019 as a dark horse candidate to be a National League All-Star. Some went as far as suggesting that the 26-year-old could find his way into the National League Cy Young Award race in 2019. But through the first three starts of Pivetta’s 2019.

His 55.7% first pitch strike percentage this year is a career low. And this is probably where lack of fastball command is hurting him. On the first pitch of at bats, he throws his sinking fastball 71% of the time to lefties and 64% of the time to righties. Here are his heatmaps on 1st pitch sinkers from 2017 and 2018. Two things stand out here.

His fastball was clocked as high as 98 miles per hour. In 2019, Pivetta struggled at the beginning of the season before being demoted to AAA. On July 19, it was announced he would be shifted to a relief role. Pitching style. Pivetta throws a four-seam fastball, a curveball, a slider, and a changeup.

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All Nick Pivetta wanted to do was keep anthony rizzo close at first base. In the fifth inning of Philadelphia’s 6-3 win over the Cubs on Sunday, the Philadelphia right-hander fired to first, in an effort to make sure Rizzo wasn’t going anywhere. Spoiler alert: He wasn’t going anywhere, as evidenced.

What’s the explanation for Gerrit Cole’s recent struggles?. threw his Four-Seamer more than anyone not named Eduardo Rodriguez. This year, he is third overall. When you throw your fastball that often, you better compliment it with a wipeout slider and a nice changeup but his slider is flat.

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Meanwhile, his changeup has averaged 88.9mph, only a 5.3mph difference. You’ll always hear that the ideal gap between fastball and changeup velocity is about 8-10 mph, so it’s possible hitters are able to sit on his fastball while still being able to fight off the pitch if it’s a changeup. Another big issue for Sanchez has been his.

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