U.S. States You Didn’t Know Produce Amazing Wine

U.S. States You Didn’t Know Produce Amazing Wine

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"California is where a young winemaker who may not necessarily own that $6 million winery can still produce an amazing product." That’s right, you can this minute (well maybe not this minute.

You might think that Pennsylvania’s biggest claim to fame is Hershey’s and cheesesteaks, but the Keystone State is also home to so many wineries that they promise you’re never more than an hour’s drive from a premiere glass of wine. Pennsylvania has more than 200 wineries within their borders, crafts over 1 million gallons of wine per year, and is the fifth largest grower in the nation for grapes.

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5 things you didn’t know about wine. Source: The Islander magazine. For one, these countries probably produce the majority of bulk wine in the world. France, Italy and Spain are the sources of all of the most popular varieties of wine in the world.. FIND US ON SOCIAL MEDIA. WE PROMOTE.

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Amazing Facts You Never Knew About The History Of Wine. Tags: Wine. If you’re like most people, you think wine came into the world during the Roman heyday: Big barrels of grapes being stomped into a juice and magically becoming the beautiful Cabernet we all know and love. It might surprise you to know that the drink of choice of toga-clad.

“I had never even tasted wine before,” says Lepe. His mom and dad, who entered the U.S. legally from Mexicali and Jalisco, respectively, in 1972, didn’t. amazing events,’ ” she says. “I’ve never.

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5 Facts You Didn’t Know About America’s Wine Regions.. It’s no surprise that wine regions across the U.S. have continued to gain a foothold in the global wine business, notes The New York Times, particularly in Virginia. But it’s official that now, each of the 48 states in the mainland of.

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