Protecting Your Pets From Wild Animals

Protecting Your Pets From Wild Animals

Carry protection. Depending on where you are walking, choose a way to protect yourself. You may choose to carry a large stick, a dog whistle, dog deterrent spray, or a stun gun. You can purchase commercial products that are proven to deter dog attacks. Look for a whistle that irritates dogs.

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No matter what part of the country you live in, wild or feral animals pose a serious risk to dogs and other domesticated animals. The specific wild animals you might encounter will depend on your region and whether you’re living in a rural area or a city, but some of the most common culprits include coyotes, raccoons, snakes, skunks, scorpions, rats, and porcupines.

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We only make an effort to protect what we appreciate and understand.. Advocate for the use of wildlife-friendly practices in public spaces.. take your dog exploring, but they can cause a lot of problems for wildlife (stress, disease predation).

While humans might not be able to control the behavior of wild animals, pet owners can take steps toward protecting pets from potential attacks. "Coyotes and other wild animals thrive in urban and suburban environments due to the availability of food and shelter provided by people," Rutter explained.

Many animals can simply scale the fence to find their way into your yard, so keep food items and treats indoors, as they will attract potential unwanted visitors. If you do find an unwelcome animal in your yard, keep your pets inside and call animal control immediately. As with most things in life, preparation is key when protecting your pet.

*****For immediate assistance with sick or injured wildlife please call the Police. help protect county residents while humanely assisting with pets and animals.

“Coyotes are just so adaptable and clever,” said Niahm Quinn, who is researching coyotes and wildlife conflicts in Southern California for the.

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