Peter Barrett to Cage Titans 44 opponent: ‘Do not sleep on my Jiu-Jitsu’

Peter Barrett to Cage Titans 44 opponent: ‘Do not sleep on my Jiu-Jitsu’

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Richardson is a decorated jiu-jitsu fighter and his only loss so far in his career was a razor close split decision to Gasdia. back at Cage Titans XXIV. Both men felt that 3 rounds wasn’t enough last time and jumped at the opportunity to do it again, this time as a 5 rounder with the belt on the line!

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Helloooooooooo everyone! Hard to believe it’s already Friday .. okay, maybe not .. Buzz feels like he’s been in Houston for a month .. but it’s all good. Page 2’s Bill Simmons will kick things off at.

The bell sounds and here we go Barrett looking to strike early and cracks Morias, Barrett with Morias against the cage looking for a knee but does not connect, Morias breaks free and both men meet back in the center of the cage, Barrett with the high kick and a front kick, Barrett looking to light up Morias with some blistering offense Morias with a huge shot knocking barrett Down and Drew Morias has just shocked the world and ended the 8 fight winning streak of "slippery Pete" Peter.

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When asked about DiSabatino’s fighting style, Barrett said, "he’s is a grinder and a good grappler, But I started out as a wrestler and I am known as a striker. Do not sleep on my Jiu-Jitsu." Peter will be looking to keep DiSabatino at the end of his punches and look for the second-round knockout come July 15th. ____

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