Is it time to seriously consider arming school teachers?

Is it time to seriously consider arming school teachers?

 · President Trump has led the push for arming teachers for some time now. He has repeatedly attacked gun-free zones in schools, arguing at an.

Should school principals. districts and school teachers take security very seriously."Achter said another issue to consider is how to keep firearms secure at all times inside a school building. He.

Since the shootings in Newtown, Conn., arming teachers has emerged as a possible method for curbing school violence. education Weeks Nirvi Shah spent the afternoon at a shooting range with teachers and staff from Clifton, Texas, some of whom, despite their inexperience and the gravity of the responsibility, are determined to pursue their concealed handgun permits.

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2 days ago · The utah school psychologist weaved through a maze of dusty halls before spotting him in the corner of a classroom, holding a gun to a student’s head. She took a deep breath and fired three shots.

Kenneth S. Trump, President of National School Safety and Security Services, declared, "School districts considering arming teachers and school staff with guns would take on significant responsibility and potential liabilities that I firmly believe are beyond the expertise, knowledge-base, experience, and professional capabilities of most.

 · Here’s a solution I hope both sides would consider seriously: Every school could be staffed with an armed resource officer and a small tax levied.

But will arming. at their school. The teacher told the student "he would have given his life to help them." But let’s consider what occurred more recently at a high school in Taft, California..

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 · President Donald Trump’s school safety commission said it should be left to states and schools to decide whether to arm teachers, but Education Secretary.

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The massacre has given rise to the perhaps once-unthinkable idea of arming teachers as a possible policy fix for improving school safety. While many national organizations have rejected the idea, it is now being seriously weighed by some school boards and state lawmakers across the nation.

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