How the Affordable Housing Dilemma Influences the Amendment to City Ordinance 10A – The Catalyst

How the Affordable Housing Dilemma Influences the Amendment to City Ordinance 10A – The Catalyst

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These fees and exactions can impact the cost and feasibility of developing the housing as well as its affordability. They can also involve issues of private property rights. High planning and site development fees can impact property owners’ ability to make improvements or repairs, especially for lower-income households.

permit employees to afford housing in the City. Providing the affordable units or fees required by this ordinance will mitigate the impacts of market-rate development on the need for affordable housing and will help to ensure that part of the City’s remaining developable land is used to provide affordable housing.

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New York City’s power to regulate use, bulk, density of buildings, to promote affordable housing, and to protect places of historical significance through zoning is derived from the state, which grants municipalities the power to regulate land use in a manner designed to promote the public health and welfare.

 · To all those who continue to come over here and call me the most horrible of names, I want to tell you that, yes, we are happy. We are happy that we put you off from building 20 additional feet in our downtown. We are happy that we derailed and turned over the.

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Assist city staff with work related to affordable housing component of the city’s LIFT program in their downtown areas. Includes assisting with any reporting requirements and potentially exploring additional opportunities for affordable housing on city owned properties in the downtown revitalization area.

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I. The Fair Housing Act, Group Homes, and Zoningl A. Introduction THE fair housing act (fha)2 continues to provide a vehicle for plain- tiffs to challenge provisions of local zoning ordinances. Amendments to the Act in 1988 extend its applicability of equal housing to individuals with handicaps. 3 According to the statute, discrimination includes,

The Affordable Requirements Ordinance has been lauded by affordable housing advocates since it was enacted in 2003, but many feel that ten percent of the units in new developments is still not enough.

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