County will hire private investigator to look at possible voter fraud in Colorado City

County will hire private investigator to look at possible voter fraud in Colorado City

 · Depending on how critical your testimony is, it is very possible that the law firm would hire a private investigator and how deeply they would look into your past. I would say that access to things like emails would be forbidden unless there was a court order.

The mohave county board of Supervisors voted unanimously in favor of the request by county attorney Matt Smith for $8,000 to hire a private investigator to look into whether people voted last year using addresses where they no longer live in Colorado City, Arizona.

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(Promoted by Colorado Pols) Voter suppression got Trump elected in 2016. Third party voting was one factor, but not the critical factor. This was the first Presidential election not under the supervision of the Voting Rights Act, and Republican officials took full advantage of this lack of oversight to disenfranchise thousands of voters.

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Investigators already have corroborated about a third of those, a Texas prosecutor said Thursday. Ector county district attorney Bobby. Authorities at the time were looking for possible links to.

County will hire private investigator to look at possible voter fraud in Colorado City AAUW ‘Night of Inspiration’ scholarship fundraiser gala to feature hildale mayor donia Jessop Free News.

Haggerty forwarded homicide and related charges to county court against Long, Cortez and Cunningham. Prosecutors in their motion accuse Haggerty of making improper comments to a state police.

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A minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent is generally needed to become a fraud investigator. Individuals who have earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, economic crime, fraud management, accounting, law, or business administration are typically the most sought-after and highly-qualified candidates.Some states require licensure of fraud examiners while continuing education is.

A young Latina in Colorado decided to do something about her anger and frustration after the 2016 election and won a seat on her city council. her kitchen table in the Atlanta suburbs stapling.

GEORGE – The private investigator tasked with looking into alleged voter fraud in Colorado City, Arizona, started his investigation Monday. The Mohave County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved $8,000 to hire private investigator Gary Engels in April.

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