Colorado: Mainstream Media Ignores Story of Man Arrested on Charges of Attempted Murder of Two White Boys as Possible Hate Crime

Colorado: Mainstream Media Ignores Story of Man Arrested on Charges of Attempted Murder of Two White Boys as Possible Hate Crime

 · The assailant, a 37-year-old Moroccan, is accused of attempted homicide; “religious hate” is cited as an “aggravating factor” in the crime. This is hardly the first “religious hate” crime to occur in the context of the cross in Italy.

Media Covers Up Black Hate Crimes Against Whites. While most Americans are aware of the Trayvon Martin shooting in Sanford, Florida on February 26, 2012, very few know about the thousands of whites who have been brutally murdered, raped, beaten and robbed by blacks as the media keeps regurgitating lies about the Martin case.

Denver man arrested on child-luring charges while free on bond in similar case published january 29 Retrial begins for International Church of Cannabis co-founder charged with public consumption of marijuana Published January 29 and filed under drug and alcohol crime Man accused of shooting two Denver police officers Sunday officially identified

Charges include attempted murder, armed robbery, assault and battery by mob, carjacking, failure to stop for a blue light, possession of a stolen vehicle, attempted murder, conspiracy. The November, 2012 crime was committed in Spartansburg County, South Carolina.

 · The media, including Reason, do a great job of breathlessly reporting this story so every perjury trap or failure to register as a foreign agent becomes the crime of the century.

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That the story has become a major controversy. The cover up is worse than the non-crime. joe sestak released a statement on the conversation. Republicans had a quick response. The White House.

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Five cases of black on white crime people want on national TV.. The four have been charged with murder. Because Chellew, a white man, was with a black woman, some insist this was part of a pattern violence and resentment against inter-racial dating.. What the mainstream media is doing to.

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The current conventional wisdom among the mainstream media, many Democrats and even some progressives. So, perhaps this new book about how Hillary Clinton really lost campaign 2016 will enable.

List of research reports recently added to the Prison Policy Initiative’s Research Clearinghouse. 2017, Black individuals composed 47% of D.C.’s population but 86% of its arrestees. During this time, Black people were arrested at 10 times the rate of white people." When Music. the rate of violent hate crime victimization was 0.7 hate.

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