Colorado crash: ‘Multiple people’ killed in explosion after truck careens into school bus and 12 cars

Colorado crash: ‘Multiple people’ killed in explosion after truck careens into school bus and 12 cars

They called multiple witnesses who described. 911 call about McDonald allegedly breaking into vehicles that led to the police response. Van Dyke only learned about McDonald’s run-in with the truck.

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‘Multiple people are killed’ and 10 injured in a fiery crash on a Colorado interstate after a big rig careened into a school bus, three trucks and 12 cars before exploding in a huge fireball

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. (AP) – Four people died after a semitruck hauling lumber lost control and plowed into vehicles on a crowded highway near Denver, triggering explosions and a fire so intense that it melted the roadway and metal off cars, authorities said Friday. "It was crash, crash, crash and.

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3 people injured after explosion at Midfield business.. Westside School shooter killed in crash. Drew Grant, 33, of Jackson, Mo. was driving a 2017 Honda CRV north on Highway 167 near Cave City around 9 p.m. July 27 when the crash happened.. Multiple people were shot outside the Crown Club early Sunday morning. By WBRC Staff. Published.

Multiple people have reportedly died after a fireball crash on an interstate road in Colorado.A large tractor trailer lost control and ploughed into traffic at Lakewood, just west of Denver – hitting four trucks, a school bus, and 24 cars before exploding on the I-70 on Thursday.Disturbing video showed

black column of smoke protruded from the flames that rose at least 100 feet into the air at times. A shelter-in-place was issued for a two-mile radius as a precaution, but was lifted about 7:35 p.m..

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A man has been taken into custody and faces multiple counts of vehicular homicide charges after four people were killed in the 28-vehicle fiery crash on the Interstate 70 west of Denver, Colorado.

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